The longer I am in the wealth management business, the more I understand and appreciate its significance.

The choices we make, the steps we take and the decisions we reach will dictate the life we come to enjoy and the satisfactions we ultimately realize.

Never before has there been so much wealth and so many possibilities for that wealth.  Whether it be small or large or anywhere in the middle, channeling that wealth properly and putting it to its best use is an enormous task.  The choices are almost endless.

As your trusted financial advisor who is truly concerned about you and your family’s well being we can help you make the right decisions to pursue the best avenues for what you want in life.

We have built a great number of relationships with clients over the years and these mutually rewarding relationships have fueled our growth through referrals.  We work at it and nurture but I never really stopped long enough to think of the impact we make in people’s lives.  I was simply focused on staying well informed and taking good care of our clients.

Then one of my dearest clients who has been with me for 25 years pointed out that many of her friends have not retired in comfort financially because they did not have a good financial advisor to help them along the way.  It had not occurred to me until then that some never get to where they need to be for lack of a competent financial advisor.  I took it for granted that all look for guidance in this most important aspect of their lives.

We are here to help in any and every way we can.


Christiane Tomasi CFP® MBT EA